Mission Statement der Fakultät für Betriebswirtschaftslehre


The Business School of the University of Mannheim (BSUM) has roots which date back to the year 1907, exemplified by our experience in research and education. Together with the Mannheim Business School (MBS), which was founded in 2005, we have committed ourselves to the following mission:


As a research-centric institution, we conduct innovative and internationally recognized research with the highest possible impact on scholarship, education, and society.

We continue to leverage research through:

  • Attracting high-profile scholars to our faculty who are able to successfully offer first class research and teaching
  • Collaborating closely with economics, social sciences and business informatics
  • Our research activities’ focus on the main areas of business research


As a full spectrum provider of  business programs (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, MBA, EMBA, and Executive Education), we prepare our students for remarkable careers.

We achieve this by:

  • Maintaining and expanding an international network of leading academic and exchange partners to provide a worldwide research and teaching environment
  • Collaborating closely with corporate companies and public institutions in order to add relevance and professional experience
  • Keeping our challenging admission standards to select the best students

Learning Environments

We support the development of mature and self-reliant personalities who can contribute to business and society.

We achieve this by providing excellent learning environments for:

  • Developing subject-specific knowledge and methodological skills
  • Acquiring the ability to solve novel problems
  • Fostering intercultural competence and critical thinking
  • Practicing social responsibility and encountering unique intellectual and personal challenges

In all three fields above, we strive for the highest possible standards and are committed to ambition, mutual respect, and fairness.


Holding a top position in Germany is an honor and an obligation at the same time. For the future, our vision is to be among the top Business Schools in Europe and to hold a respective position internationally. Our research shall have a growing impact on practice and academic literature. We will bring forth leaders with a global outreach, who will use their potential to engage with businesses and society to make a valuable difference.


The following values guide us in achieving our mission and our vision:

  • Academic excellence as well as rigor and relevance in research
  • Thought leadership and innovation
  • Critical thinking, diversity, and integrity
  • Accountability, responsibility, and transparency