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Student Advisory Service

The Dean's Office gladly assists you with any questions regarding the prerequisites and structure of our degrees in Business Administration. You can contact us by phone or email. You are welcome to arrange an individual student advisory appointment in the Dean's Office of the Business School (L5,5). To arrange an appointment, please follow the links below.

You can find a wide range of relevant information regarding our programs online as well as different opportunities to study abroad on our website. Please consult these online resources prior to contacting us for personal enquiries.

If you require information from current students please contact our student association directly.

If you have questions regarding your application (e.g. language proofs, notarizations, application status, technical problems with the online application etc.) the admission department will be able to help you.

With regard to questions concerning the recognition of academic achievements please contact the  examination board of the faculty of business administration.

Bachelor's Program Business Administration


        0621-181-1467 (Monday 9:30-10:30am and Wednesday 10-11am)

        Online appointment Bachelor

        Bachelor Business Administration

Mannheim Master in Management (MMM):


        0621-181-1467 (Tuesday 1-2pm and Wednesday 9-10am)

        Online appointment MMM

        Mannheim Master in Management

Mannheim Master in Business Research (MMBR):


        0621-181-1467 (Tuesday 1-2pm and Wednesday 9-10am)

        Online appointment MMBR

        Mannheim Master in Business Research

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